News: Proud D-Prize winners 2015

2 years 2 months ago

​vChalk team wins the D-Prize Award 2015 together with other excellent start-up ideas and receives funding and support to start a pilot project for 3 months. 

D-Prize is an amazing initiative that supports and funds social entrepreneurs to develop better ways to distribute proven life-enhancing technologies. Learn more about the competition at and watch this great to-the-point TEDx talk by Nicholas Fusso, D-Prize Program Director titled “Innovation only counts when it actually reaches people”. 

When vChalk was just an idea back in November 2014, we saw the D-Prize competition in San Francisco as a way to make it a reality. So we did!

All over the world, millions of poor parents send their children to a low-cost private school because all parents have (high) aspirations for their children. If we believed in the key role these schools play in making English education available to first generation learners in India, then we had to support them!

The idea was to take what works to kids everywhere: build a distribution model in education

4 in 10 children fail to learn the basics in primary grades (UNESCO, 2012) and we asked “what is a proven at-scale solution?”. We soon learned about the work of a few organizations and about what is called a “remedial methodology and curriculum” that has been implemented effectively for years in government schools across India, Ghana and Kenya.

Our purpose is thus simple: take a proven curriculum and methodology to low-cost private schools in India.

Exciting journey ahead! Stay close!

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