Our origin story

2 years 4 months ago

Hello world!

We are Daniela and Anil.

We are here because millions of young learners in India, many of them first generation learners in English, who are enrolled in a primary school, have not achieved the minimum benchmarks for learning.      

We personally encountered the problem we are trying to solve when we interacted with rural artisans in Rajasthan, rag pickers in small towns of Telangana and rural housewives in Assam, all low-income parents. They are hoping for a better future for their children and sending them to private schools that they can afford, but children rarely have the grade-level specific skills.

Every day, many children come to school but if they didn’t learn to read and to do basic calculations in 1st and 2nd grade, they get trapped in a continuously growing need to catch up and school becomes a burden as early as 3rd grade.

One day, we realized that remedial curriculum, which helps students catch up, has been, for years, implemented in government schools, at scale, and that if we train someone from the community, the affordable private schools could deliver extra services for lower-performance students.

We are the right people to tackle this problem because: we have an objective view on the problem, we know the challenges of a social business, we have worked in semi-urban India for more than three years and we have experience in using technology for efficient operations. 

Because of vChalk’s solution, parents will get from a school what they expect from the school for their children: a foundation for life. Parents also get involved in the set-up of complimentary classes in the school of their choice, and the school delivers a cost-effective service using existing facilities. The lesson module uses a standard curriculum, is aspirational, interactive and fun. Teachers, parents and principals also know what each child’s strongest points are from regular skill reports. Schools can deliver an in-school tuition service, focused on skills and students' progress, can even make an extra income per student and can increase their enrollment rates. 

Because of that, affordable private schools will ensure all children have the basic learning skills and expand the horizon for first generation learners to continue in school and make the most out of it.

Our vision is a world where every student receives the attention and support they need to learn no matter where they are born or where they go to school. 

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