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1 year 1 month ago

Update: 01 Aug 2016, vChalk has reached 73% of its goal and has raised INR 217,561 ($3,627) from 64 Impact Angels from India and abroad. Thank you for your support! Rewards are coming your way soon! 

Friday, 17th June 2016, vChalk has launched its first crowd-funding campaign in collaboration with Impact Guru, a fintech company that offers complete crowdfunding solutions for social enterprises, incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab's Venture. See the campaign page here. The objective of this fundraising campaign is $ 5,000 to finance the effort of bringing technology into classroom planning, an effort that would give us a differentiator in the market. The duration of the campaign is 40 days.

With our pilot project completed in March this year, we learned that technology can go a long way to help all children acquire the basic skills for learning. So we bring technology into the classroom to guide our community facilitators. They will have access to a mobile application that describes the activities for each group of children to do during the class each day. Here is the pitch video:

The money we raise will go towards: *50% - our classroom planning application development efforts; *30% - reaching more parents who dream better for their children enrolled in budget schools; *10% - our hiring efforts of locals who speak English to facilitate a vChalk class in a school nearby; *10% - office rent for 2 months till we have the mobile application ready for classrooms.

Contribute HERE and be one of vChalk's "impact angels". We have already reached 16% of our goal! Your contribution to vChalk campaign will get a great team at work on the global LEARNING crisis.

Our official hashtag for the campaign is #LetMeGetMyPassionOut. Do contribute or share this campaign on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook because, when you do, you help all children learn and follow their dreams. Follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.