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vChalk is on a mission to support a million children in school catch up on basic English and Math skills for learning.
vChalk enables school teachers to take effective practice or catch-up classes on primary level English and Math skills using interactive activities targeted towards students' skill level.
Why we are here
Globally, 4 in 10 children fail to learn the basics after 5 years in school. In India, millions of children are first generation English learners, are enrolled in affordable private schools, but can’t read or calculate to learn further. Low-income families lack skills and time to make sure their children acquire the basic skills for learning.
Researchers at MIT - JPAL have rigorously proven that Teaching-at-the-Right-Level (TaRL) pedagogy is the most consistently effective way at scale to ensure learning outcomes in the first years in school. This pedagogy shows teachers how to group the students by what they know and not by age or grade.
What we do

How it works


August'15 - We start operations in Bengaluru

October'15 - We win ISB iDiya Award

November'15 - We partner with 3 schools

January'16 - We win Eureka 2016 at IIT Mumbai

December'15 - Our pilot project starts in Bengaluru

December'15 - Start after-school classes with 71 kids

February'16 - We win at NSIF 2016 Tech for good

March'16 - End of pilot classes with 71 kids

March'16 - We reach GSVC  Global Finals


Anil Bishnoi

Co-Founder, Tech Lead

Daniela F. Gheorghe

Co-Founder, Team Lead

Vishakha Kulkarni

Product Experience Director

Archana Shet

Trainee HR & Operations

Anil is the engineer and programmer behind vChalk’s technology driven operational efficiency for scale and the innovative mind when it comes to complex problems.

Daniela is from Romania and a passionate social entrepreneur who thinks vChalk solves one of the most urgent problems of the world. Her background is in marketing and business development.

Vishakha is the product lead and brings a unique blend of international experience in teaching, product development and strategy formulation for scale. With an MBA from Long Island University, she is passionate about edtech.

Archana studied in a school that vChalk serves in Bangalore. She plays the veena, speaks the local language and always seeks new experiences.

Aditi Desai

Learning Advisor

Archana Udayagiri

Learning Advisor

Eric Pohlman


Amit Singh


Aditi was a Teach For India Fellow and a Consultant with Deloitte. Recently she completed a Master's degree in International Affairs from Tufts University. She works at the intersection of education, development and socio-political change.


As a passionate educator, Archana was a Teach for India Fellow and worked for K-12 schools in India and Cambodia. Until 2013, she worked in project and service management at Deloitte and IBM. Archana constantly challenges herself to build excellence and drive results.

Eric is our awesome mentor, Rwanda Country Director and Co-Founder of One Acre Fund, an integrated, market-based approach that enables small holder farmers to double their farm income.

Amit is our awesome mentor, Co-founder Headstart Network, India's largest early stage startup community. In 2009, he received the Paragon 100 Award that recognizes Asia's most inspiring young entrepreneurs and social change makers.

Special support from Suma Nagaraj, Gayitri Handanahal and Jody Tian.

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